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Still on the fence wondering if starting a podcast is the right move?

Social media sites have been struggling to keep users engaged and more and more people are starting to look in other places for education and entertaining content. PLUS if you have an offer to sell, studies show that podcast listeners are much more likely to pay for your products after engaging with your podcast!

Instead of spending countless hours googling ‘how to start a profitable podcast’ you can collapse time NOW with a personal media coach who’s been creating shows since 2015.

And, that’s where I come in.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been debating whether or not you have what it takes to start (and sustain) a successful show
  • You have a show idea but aren’t sure where to start
  • You’ve previously launched a podcast but haven’t figured out how it can get you paid
  • You’ve seen the celebrities getting multi-million dollar deals and want to know how you can get your share of that media money
  • You're tired of struggling to make sales on social media and you're searching for a new solution

Research Shows That

📌 People listen to podcasts for more than 26 minutes at a time, on average versus 6 minutes spent scrolling on social media

📌 The average podcast listener has a gross income of $75,000+

📌 Podcast listeners are much more likely to make a purchase to be educated than social media followers who are scrolling for entertainment

This client OVERSOLD her event without ever posting on social media! She only marketed it through her weekly podcast!

Introducing: The Podcast Plug Course! A 6-Week Accelerator that simplifies the process to go from launched to paid!

I’m Koereyelle!

I've launched and leveraged two podcasts in the last 7 years that reach over 50,000 listeners around the world every single month.

When I got started in 2015, I was clueless. Believe it or not, I had never even listened to a podcast episode before launching my own. I had been invited to be a guest on someone else’s show, had a great time and thought it would be pretty cool to host one myself!

And since then, I’ve learned countless lessons (the hard way!) that I now use to help newbies like you launch with less stress and the ability to monetize much sooner!

Using what I’ve learned, I’ve been able to

  • Get booked to speak Internationally at retreats and conferences
  • Connect with award-winning entrepreneurs and all around awesome people
  • Get featured by some of your favorite publications & platforms such as Forbes, Huffington Post, ESSENCE, TEDx and more

Right now, all you’re thinking is that you want to ‘start’ a podcast. 

And that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Your podcast project will pay off much sooner if you launch with a strategy to monetize from the start.

And, that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you! 

It’s time to find out my formula for creating a profitable podcast that not only gets played, but gets you PAID

The Fact is

You don’t know what you don’t know. So instead of wasting more time and more money trying to figure it out on your own, invest your time and money learning from someone who’s already done it.

There’s no better time than now.

In six weeks or less, you’ll learn my step-by-step strategy to not only get started but stay consistent in creating engaging content that will not only generate income but also an impact on the people you’re meant to serve.

So… what do you get?

✅ On-Demand Access to 8 Training Sessions

✅ A 30-Page Profitable Podcast Training Manual and WERKbook

✅ Six Months Access to the Podcast Plug’s Private Facebook Community

✅ Monthly Hot Seat Opportunities for Strategic Coaching with Koe

Take a Peek at What’s Inside:

The Curriculum

Lesson 1: Podcasting 101

Lesson 2: How to Profit From Your Podcast

Lesson 3: How to Setup Your Podcast on Multiple Platforms

Lesson 4: Creative Promo Strategies

Lesson 5: Booking Dream Guests

Lesson 6: Growing Your Pod

Lesson 7: Podcast Products

Lesson 8: Podcast Production


✅ 30-Page Training Manual / WERKbook

✅ Equipment List

✅ Editable Podcast Promo

✅ Guest Pitch Templates

✅ Podcast Media Kit Template


🌟 Popular + Paid Advanced Training

The Community

Daily networking opportunities with other podcast hosts around the world

Guest expert recommendations to fill your show schedule

Feedback & Support as you build your show

The Coaching

Hot Seat Coaching with Koe with opportunities to get specific strategy, structure and feedback

The Investment Breakdown

That totals $13,288

But you’re getting access today for $997

Ready to WERK?



About Your Media Mentor

Koereyelle is a former 3rd grade teacher who turned her $32,000 salary into a million dollar digital brand. She's been featured by Forbes, Black Enterprise, NBC, Fox, and Essence as an International Speaker, Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Multi-Media Personality for her service to women around the world.

She's the Host of the Girl Stop Playin’ Podcast where she encourages women to stop playing with their potential and start working for what they want in life and in love. Koe is passionate about helping women make the money + get the honey!

As your mentor inside the Podcast Plug Community, Koereyelle is passionate about teaching you how to leverage your expertise to get consistently paid.


When does the course start?

Great news! As soon as you enroll, you have instant access to the first lesson inside the course! Access is on-demand meaning you don’t have to worry about busy schedules or showing up on time! You can access the lessons on your own time and at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the training?

Although the course is designed to be completed in six weeks or less, you have access to the training materials for 12 months.

How long do I have access to the community and coaching?

Six month access to the community is included with your registration! That means, you get six-month access to Koe’s monthly coaching sessions for strategy, feedback and support on your show!

Do I get one-on-one coaching?

Although private one-on-one coaching isn’t included,  you do have an opportunity to apply for the monthly hot seat sessions where you can get customized coaching in a group setting.